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Blood types re post as member

Post  DayDream on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:33 am

Chapter 1

There are many blood types in this world, you just need to know where to look. The Bowen clan had always been among the blue blooded creatures of this planet, a powerful and respected magical clan, famed throughout the world for their extraordinary power and magic, with few clans left in the world. The Bowens had always clashed with the Clemantis coven, a rare and evil black blooded coven, thriving on hatred and dark magic. Green bloods both respected and feared the Bowen clan and the rest of the blue bloods, for they were more powerful than green bloods ever were and they were the oldest and strongest of all the magical beings, the bloodlines strong and magic going back centuries, if not millennia. Whereas green bloods did not have the same heritage that the blue bloods possessed. Gold bloods were entirely different, they were descended from blue bloods and had magic, however this magic had never come to light, meaning that they could make things happen involuntarily but had no control or idea as to what it was. They were also known as dormant beings, for their magic was dormant and settled deep inside the gold blood. Then there were the red bloods, red bloods were non-magical beings, mainly descending from gold bloods, but very, very distantly. They possessed little if any magic blood, they were just the normal - albeit, slightly ignorant - beings, known as humans. However these are unimportant, the important beings in this story are the two aforementioned clans, the blue blooded Bowens and the black blooded Clemantis’.

Lady Abia Bowen looked like an ordinary upper-class 6th century women, not out of place with her time, but she hid a secret, a dark secret. She belonged to a wealthy and powerful coven of blue bloods, something she would be burned at the stake for simply admitting. She was of close acquaintance to the King and Queen of her land, dwelling in the castle with her sisters, the rest of the powerful Bowen clan. Moya, the eldest, Velika, Abia, Denali and Jalila, all powerful and great blue blooded daughters of Lady Theoris Bowen and Sir Maximos Tribalt. Theoris had died in child birth with a son, Derron, who also died shortly after birth, two years after Jalila’s birth, with Maximos passing a year later in battle. Moya, barely 10 years old when their father headed off into that ill-fated battle, was close to Queen Lareina’s young daughter, Princess Nimeesha, who’s younger sister Zarita was close to Velika and Abia, all of whom were the same age, Velika and Abia being twins. Maximos was King Kiros’ close adviser and greatest warrior, so when he heard of his knights death, Kiros took it upon himself to adopt the little girls into his castle and family, giving them the father figure they would sorely lack. They grew up to be like his own daughters, Jalila being the closest to him, however he did not realise the power that they held, and knew that they had, within them.

Lady Abia moved fast through the dark castle, only stopping to address the guards questioning her movements. Her long, golden blonde hair trailed out behind her as she moved swiftly, her blue eyes alive and burning with the magic that she held. Now 26 and fully capable of her magic, she rushed to meet her sisters for their gathering on this occasion of great importance to magical being. A time when they could contact long lost friends and family and allow their magic to thrive around them, once every full moon when their powers rise to their strongest. On her way to Moya’s chambers, she came across her twin sister Velika and the youngest of all the sisters, 21 year old Jalila. Velika was identical to Abia, the only difference was Velika was slightly rounded at this time, upon expecting her first child with another great blue blood Raghnall Lishburn. Jalila was known to be the prettiest one of all the Bowen sisters, long hair, the colour of molten caramel, and deep chocolate eyes, alight with the fire of her power and youth. She was the smallest one, and despite being small, held infinitely more power than the other girls, except Abia. Abia was the strongest, most powerful of the Bowens, her blue blood was strong in her veins, and she was named after their great grandmother, renowned amongst blue bloods to be the most powerful of all the magic beings.

Abia and her sisters rushed to Moya’s chambers, entering as the eldest lit the rest of the candles. Moya’s honey blonde hair was pulled up into a high bun tied with a midnight blue ribbon, the colour of the robe that swished around her as she moved, her grey eyes dancing with the magic of generations. Denali scampered around her, attempting to make herself useful. Her green eyes were large and childlike, her dark red hair, so different to any of her sisters, swirling around her face as she skittered among the candles. She knocked down one of the candle holders, one which, thankfully, held an unlit candle, causing it to clatter to the ground. Denali cursed as she lifted it back up.
“Den! Be careful, you shall draw attention to our practice. And you know what Kiros can be like in the face of magic, he is a red blood after all!” Moya reprimanded her younger sister.
“Sorry, sister, I did not mean to be so clumsy in my ways! And yes, I know how the king can act and I am truly sorry for my clumsiness,” Denali responded, sheepishly.
Moya continued to light the candles scattered about the room, whilst addressing her other sisters.
“Velika, I am glad you could make this fine occasion, being in your state,” she told her sister, a hint of bitterness evident in her voice, who sniffed indignantly.
“I would not miss this, and state indeed. I know you’re a simply bitter because you are not able to bear children at this time. You must find a suitor soon dear sister, you are not getting much younger.”
“In due time, Vel, I shall find a husband once I have fully mastered the power of my ancestors!”
“It was my understanding that you had already mastered such skills, Moya.”
“I wish to master them further, that is all!”
“But surely you have mastered them far enough, sister!”
“Yes but-” Moya began to retort when Abia cut in.
“Enough! Sisters, cease your dispute and begin with the ceremony, the time of great power is almost upon us and we must be prepared for it!” she told her sisters, seriously, the younger of her sisters nodding fervently along with her.
“Yes, sister, we must cease this,” Moya replied, resignedly, moving into her position around the circle of candles and ribbons set up around her chambers, her sisters following her to their positions.

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Re: Blood types re post as member

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Ooh! I love the idea! Cant wait to see more. Happy

Also go introduce yourself!

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