The Chrysalis Conspiracy [Sign Up]

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The Chrysalis Conspiracy [Sign Up]

Post  cyclonecasey on Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:08 pm

Thought I'd try give this another go. Who'd be interested

Setting: 2332, Worldwide.
Story: Since the mid 21st century the Earth's population has gradually been increasing, and by the time the 24th century came about the population has reached critical level and many of the worlds popular food sources (such as Cows, Pigs, Chickens, et cetera) have become endangered species.
With the human population increasing still, and the animal population dwindling... the world most renown and respected scientists were gathered to think of a solution.
They came up with the Chrysalis Project; Inspired by a butterflies cocoon, the scientists designed a device that would change people into animals, and would then be released into an appropriate location.
The idea appealed to hundreds across the globe... It was the ideal alternative for those considering suicide or for criminals since the prisons were also over populated.
The general public were offered this service for a mere $1,000 and if you wanted the chance to chose the animal you get to be the price would be $5,000.
But what the public didn't know was that 75% of those who didn't pay the extra were either transformed into animals (such as Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, Seals) to be hunted and poached, or become a part of our food.
Thus; The Chrysalis Conspiracy!

You can either be;
An animal that get sent to the slaughter house.
An animal that gets killed by poachers.
An animal that gets saved by poachers.
A poacher (only 1).
An informant (only 1).
A family member of someone who went to the Chrysalis and helps with uncovering the truth.
You do NOT get to choose your animal... I will choose it FOR you!

Character Sheet:
Appearance: (Once you sign up as an animal I will give you an animal and you will add it's appearance)
Bio: (If you're an animal, this has to include why you decided to go with the Chrysalis)

My Charater
Name: Max Bonham
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and lean with shaggy dark brown hair and green eyes. Has a scar ('bout three inches long) slanted across his nose. Wears graphic tees, worn jeans, and an Amethyst crystal on an elastic black cord.
Bio: Orphaned at the age of 16, his live was tougher than most. He was never able to hold down a job and has only ever had one real friend. When her heard of The Chrysalis Project he sold his car, one of the only things he got when his parents died (which he drives illegally) to pay for it.

Everyone starts human... Your intro post will include you leaving and going to the Laboratory and being put in the Chrysalis, where you loose conciseness so you wont feel anything...

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