Super spooky zombie warriors

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Super spooky zombie warriors

Post  Damxge on Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:14 pm

Had this idea, figured I'd throw it out there.

The kingdom of Hjalroc (Yarlrock), pushed to the brink by siege after siege, war after war, famine, drought, a five years winter followed by two years of punishing summer, locust swarms, bandit raiding, disease and plague. Many of its residence fleeing south to other kingdoms, to get away from the cold and conflict. It has been this way for a hundred years, the Cursed Kings reigning from Dromskul, their impenetrable castle dangling from the unforgiving cliffs that bordered much of the northern edge of Hjalroc. It was a barren, desolate land that had not recovered from the salting of the earth or the repeated bloodshed. Those who lived here were brutal and rough, but they were the strongest, most dedicated people to exist. It wasn't until recently that the six other kingdoms of the realm stopped their assault on Hjalroc, finding that even if they could take the land from King Drael II it would be unsuitable for any kind of cultivation, and what few people remained would never accept whoever was decided to rule the land. In all, it was no longer worth the bloodshed that would continue. The armies sent into the lands met not but hardship for their entire campaign. They were fought, poisoned, and set upon by those living there. The villagers more fearsome than the soldiers, slipping out of their villages as the invaders took them, only to return and burn their own homes with their enemies inside. Even the nature of the land seemed set on destroying them. Thick forests of thorns appearing where none had been recorded on maps, wicked beasts roaming the lands and preying upon any they found. By the time any army reached the bitter cold of the north where the castle stood, they were so beaten and demoralized that it took only a handful of Drael's Honorguard to turn them around.

Lord Drael, however, has recently passed, and a successor has been chosen. Drael's son, Hilgrad, was chosen through rite by combat, slaying twenty emissaries sent by the other kingdoms, and two challengers from within Hjalroc, before they would accept his right to rule. He is a tall, muscular man with long dark hair that frames his battle-scarred face. Blue-white eyes pierce through all whom he faces, seeming to glow in low light. During his inauguration he promised vengeance upon the other kingdoms, that the fury of hell itself would pale in comparison to his wrath. Nearly a year later he is uniting a force to lead into the lands to reap his vengeance. A force darker than the night itself, tapping into unnatural powers beyond the knowledge of mortal man. He has risen the greatest heroes of Hjalroc from the graves where they slept to fight once more upon the fields of battle. A single unit, wielding dark powers, could be capable of destroying an entire kingdom.


The players in this RP would play as a unit, sent to take down one of the six kingdoms. The catch is that the players are all undead heroes of Hjalroc, wielding magic, enchantments, and spooky powers. The game is essentially a "go crazy and f*** some sh*t up" game. If anyone is interested, I'll draw up a map and come up with some more names, but for now this is what I have. Thoughts?


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Re: Super spooky zombie warriors

Post  ValleyGirlBlondie on Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:57 pm

Sounds super cool, and overall like a pretty fun roleplay!

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