Explaining the Three Role Playing Subforums

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Explaining the Three Role Playing Subforums

Post  Damxge on Thu May 12, 2016 3:53 am

If you're new to Ex, welcome, and I hope you're enjoying yourself so far. This forum is slightly different from other RPing sites you might be familiar with, so it stands that we should explain the way role playing takes place here.

If you scroll down to the Role Plays category, you'll see that there are three subforums to check out. I'll go down the list and explain each one and their differences.

Casual Role Play
The Casual Role Play sub-forum is for hosting or joining RPs that are, in essence, casual. If you're not too serious of a role player and are just looking for a light RP to jump in on, you'll probably want to come here. When hosting RPs that are based on existing shows/movies/books (Such as Harry Potter or Bleach), this is the best place for them. When in doubt, put your RPs in casual.

Strict Role Play
Some characteristics of Strict Role Plays may include:

  • Completely original world with in-depth lore.
  • Specific rules that must be followed, such as a posting order.
  • Higher expectations of writing level.
  • RPs where the Admin wants to be "picky" in choosing who gets to play.

Allow me to elaborate on some of those points. A strict RP is usually one that has been given a LOT of thought and many hours have been put into developing a coherent world in which the RP will take place, complete with custom lore, races, animals, maps, etc.
Some specific rules may also be enforced in Strict RPs, such as, like I said above, an organized posting order. Other rules may include researching certain subjects that are involved in the RP, to keep it as realistic as possible, the use of pre-created characters, and things of that nature. Stuff that just isn't present in Casual RPs.
A Strict RP may also come with high expectations. When playing in a Strict RP, you'll want to bring your A-Game. Most Strict RPs are the product of the Admin's devotion to an idea that truly speaks to them and it's, frankly, disrespectful to RP sloppily in these kind of RPs.
Another reason to host Strict RPs is to give more control over who joins. While you can refuse people in Casuals, it's more widely accepted that as long as they follow the rules, anyone can join. In Stricts, however, the Admin has full authority to pick and choose who they want to allow in the game.

Private Role Play
This subforum fits several purposes. First and foremost, it's for members to host RPs with their friends that are restricted to their small group. These RPs are often developed elsewhere and then posted here. They usually don't have sign ups and jump straight into posting without any description of what's going on or the characters involved. They simply use the forum as a medium over which they can play their game, rather than using the forum to find people to join it. If you'd like to host a private RP, just get your friends together, discuss the RP in Development, or over PM, Skype, or other messaging platforms, and then post the thread once everyone has their character and the story has been set up and begin playing as with any other RP.

The second purpose of the Private Role Play subforum is to house the NSFW board. This board has an age requirement of 18+ and you must be part of the "Verified" group to view the board or post there. To gain access to the board, you have to be interviewed over Skype by a Forum Administrator (Myself [Damxge], inSYNCinSANITY, or LordTomyh.) It's your choice which admin you'd like to be interviewed by, just send one of us a PM and we'll set up an time. See the "Applying for the NSFW Board" thread for more information.

The NSFW Board is for, obviously, NSFW role playing. This usually means erotic literature but isn't limited completely to it. Anything that's not really appropriate for all ages would go here.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.


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