Warriors! (Explanation to the Warriors Section)

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Warriors! (Explanation to the Warriors Section)

Post  Damxge on Sun May 08, 2016 2:38 pm

Hello there! My name is Damxge and this is your introduction to Warriors! A form of competitive RPing that involves pitting original characters against one another in a winner takes all deathmatch!

What are warriors?
Warriors are characters created by members of the forum for the specific purpose of fighting other characters. This means that they won't be used in a developmental sense, so a warrior will be at the height of their power upon creation. So go ham and make an OP character!

Some rules regarding characters:
Your characters MUST be original. No rips of shows or characters with powers that are a rip of shows/books/movies/comics/whatever if you have to ask "am I allowed to use-" then it's probably a no.
Faking wins or losses is a bannable offense.
Sex/Sexual stuff is 18+ and should be restricted to NSFW boards.
Be creative.
Don't steal others' characters, and don't reference them in your warrior unless you have permission from the owner.
Do not use your warrior in RPs (other than Scottie's and places like it.)
Using your character in stories independent to the warrior is perfectly fine.

I have an idea, how do I get started?
Just go to the Warrior Profiles sub-forum in this board and create a character. There's a sticky thread in there to give you some idea of where to start. Once you have your Warrior thread created you can either wait for a challenge, or be proactive, and go challenge someone elses Warrior in the Warrior Profiles sub-forum.
When challenging someone, write something like
Hey dude, wanna battle?
Always remember to include a link to your Warrior's thread so that they can get an idea of what they're up against.

From there, if they agree to the battle, discuss how long you should have to write on the battles (Can be from forty-eight hours all the way up to a whole month. Up to the participants and how much they have going on in terms of other battles and RPs.)

Once both battles are complete (Just PM the other participant when you're done), agree on who will post the poll and then send the stories to whoever will be posting it. If you're not comfortable with the other person in the battle posting the poll, and they don't want you to post it, just PM an Admin such as myself, and we'll post the poll for you.
When posting the poll, include both stories, labeled with who's story is who's, in spoilers and set up a poll with two options, one for each participant.

Upon completion of a battle, the winner will be announced in the thread and it will be archived to the battle archives for anyone who wishes to go back and read the stories. The authors then mark down a win/loss, depending on the vote result, on their Warrior's profile, and comply with whatever stakes were set.

They said no, what the hell?
If someone refuses to battle you, rather than getting angry, try to find out why. Go so far as to ask them. I know, crazy, but a lot of times they have a specific reason for not accepting your challenge, even if they didn't give the reason up front when refusing your challenge.

Some common reasons may include:
They're too busy with other things. Other battles, RPs, life in general, etc.
They don't feel they're up to the challenge. If they believe you're better than them and they think it would be an automatic loss.
They don't like your character. A lot of people look at a poorly done character and don't feel they need to devote any time to it. So make sure your Warrior's profile is thorough and clear.

Don't badger someone into a battle that they really don't want to take part in. It'll usually end in them disliking you personally, particularly if you win.
If they refuse, just move on and challenge someone else.

That's right, clans are a thing! A sub-forum will be created specifically for clans once there are enough warriors to warrant it.
If you're not familiar, a Clan is a group of Warriors who do battle with other groups of warriors. A Clan can have as many members as you like, from a simple two man group all the way up to hundreds of members (which is highly unlikely, but hey, if you've got a lot of friends...)

The clan battles can take place in several formats, and it's really up to the participants. From a RP style battle where the same story is passed around to each member of the clan before being turned in, to a per-character battle scene format. It's really just up to the clans. We'll go more in depth when enough warriors are around to make clans.

In the end, the voting format is the same and a winner is crowned and can add the win/loss to their clan's profile.

Something to note is that losses/wins for the clan do not affect individual Warriors' wins/losses.

Staked Battles
Just like putting bets on your favorite sports' teams, you can make wagers when it comes to battles as well. Staked battles can be private or announced, depending on the participants. If it's something you really don't want others to know about, then a private staked battle would be best, if it's something that needs to be talked about or will get more people to vote, then an announced stake is fun.

Some good examples of stakes might be:
Death Stake, loser's Warrior dies and their profile is closed. They'll have to make a new Warrior to continue fighting. This is usually reserved for people with multiple wins/losses, so a fresh Warrior is less likely to get people to agree to death staked battles.
Avatar Change, the loser must wear a certain avatar/signature for a certain duration. Could be something stupid, could be an advertisement for the winner's RP or Warrior, whatever you agree on.
Skill Stakes, the loser has to do something for the winner within their skillset. Such as drawing them a picture, writing them a story, whatever is in their skillset.

These just being a few of the many creative stakes you can set on a battle. Just remember that no one HAS to agree to a stake. If they don't want to, don't try to badger them into it. You'll get a bad reputation and people will more than likely refuse your future challenges.


That's it, if you have any questions or suggestions for this post, please leave a comment below.


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