Alternate Platform - Development Thread

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Alternate Platform - Development Thread

Post  Damxge on Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:45 am

All essential information for the new site will now be found here from now on.

If you are interested in the visual developments of the forum, please follow this link:

As you are now fully aware, we are planning to migrate to a new site, we are calling "Alternate Platform". Ax, along with ExRPG, will make up the member base, and both primary focusses will be involved in the making of the site. With this, a bunch of new stuff can be added, and hopefully we can make a better success of it with the merged content.

- Staff Line-up arranged
Admins - Mike, Chavvy
Mods - Conor, Panda, LordTomyh
Tech - Wipper

- Rewards "Achievements" confirmed.
A multitude of rewards are definitely making an appearance on AltP, many existing, along with new ones (will post all names tomorrow)

- Uploader to be worked on (Will not be usable straight away)
We've asked Wipper to help us on this one, as this is beyond our capabilities. He is available as of April, which hopefully, we will already be up and running by then.

- Possible points system
We want this feature to return, as a handy way to get members to trade art, literature and such. It will also be an additional reward for any competitions that we may have in the future.

- Forum layout confirmed (but open to adjustment)
This can be seen in the following spoiler (a lil big to be called as tidy Mooblips)
Bold = Category
Orange = Forum
Blue = Sub-forum
Regular Text = Sub-Sub-forum

-Staff Zone
---Forum Games
---The Church of Bobism



-Member Arrival/Departure

-Animation Hub

-Resources (basically the Stickfigures and Sprites sections on Ax)
---Finished Works

---Warrior Profiles
---War Zone

------Sign Ups
------Sign Ups
------Sign Ups
------Sign Ups
---Character Sheets
---Works in Progress

-Warrior Fables
---Warrior Profiles
---War Zone

-Literature General
---Long Stories
---Short Stories
---Journals and Non-Fiction

---Interest Checks

---Real Life
---Request Tutorials

-Suggestions, Feedback and Help
-Garbage Bin

-Warriors and Warrior Fables - Confirmed.
As you may have noticed, there's a section in the forum layout called Warrior Fables. This is a great new feature I (Mike) and Conor are putting together to get writers involved in one of Ax's greatest features, Warrior Battles. These battles, though, will be completely literature based, instead of animated, as those on Ax are. Users will set up their warrior profile as they would an animated warrior, minus the demo.
They will be pitted against other warriors, set up alliances, and go to battle as a group. The writers will write a story of their warrior's triumph over the opponent, and then both stories will be posted and voted upon by the community, who will decide the victor of the battle.
Should our points system be implemented as we hope it to be, users will also be rewarded when they defeat another warrior or tribe though the points system!

(Mike, add any bits that I might have missed! I'm gonna leave design out of this thread until later, when we are totally sure on what direction we are going with it.)

...We'll keep you posted.


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Re: Alternate Platform - Development Thread

Post  Damxge on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:17 pm

I've created my own twitter *Shudders*
I'll be updating on the status of Alt Plat there, if you're interested and are unlucky enough to be using the twit system.

I'll also be using twitter in the future to try to promote Alt Plat and keep the twits on there up to date on what's going on with the forum, including new and great Role Plays, awesome competitions, new warriors and tribes/battles, ranking announcements, etc etc etc. I can go on. So follow that sh*t, and stay up to date!

That sounded much more convincing than I intended it to...


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