All in the Lychathorians.

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All in the Lychathorians.

Post  Legotransform on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:55 am

So, This is an RP about Gabriel Belmont and his order of three fellow assassin-y knights

The story is that monsters have taken over the world and you aswell as the fellow knights have been sent from the Royal order in order to restore peace

The Lychathorians are gremlin-like monsters that use a wide range of different attacks, They are just the goombas of this RP

Lychathorians often ride on the beastly Lydefs, Lydefs are wolf like in figure and have no hair at all

The plot starts at a small village, 4 - 5 houses barricaded by sharp planks of wood tightly packed together, Unfortunately these Lychathorians can grow out of the ground


Oh, Just put your name and facial features in signup, I have the armour. It looks like what my character is wearing:

And my character is drawn here:

You get badass weapons too, Don't worry

I will tell the story one you defeat the Lychathorians in the village

Is this well thought out?

Its Castlevania based

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