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Elodie Winter

Post  Wildandfree on Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:52 pm

Oh, prior notice, the rage is a wicked spirit living inside her that gets released when she's really mad. Don't want to make her mad. She's quite dangerous.

Name: Elodie Savan Winter
Age: 15
Birthplace: A town named Erolyve in a hut with a river crossing over backyard. She was born in the river, her mother's body relaxing with the liquid rippling around her large, motherly body.
Date of Birth: 15/6/1957
Occupation: Theif/Weapon
Parents: Fleun Winter & Barin Winter.
Siblings: Velont & Sil Winter.
Friends: (ex: Scarlott Marin) Adelei Mitchell, Sigma Relm, Charma Wix, Koktee Chaive, Siccoro, Jakyl Ruge, Kokyl and Sokkyl.
Talents/Skills: Riding, Axe wielding.
True Name: Elodie Savan Winter
Weapon: Axe/ Hands

::..Physical Characteristics..::
Gender: Girl
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs
Race: Human
Eye Colour: Emerald green. (The rage: red)
Hair Colour: A mousey brown. (The Rage: Black)
Hair Style: Straight down to the middle of her back. Doesn't cut hair too often in the wild.
Skin colour: Slightly pale with a tan tinge to her knees. (The Rage: Black. No, not Negro, more like a shadow. A black dress.)
Scars / Deformities: Scar across her chest.
Piercings: Nope
Tattoos: Nope
How does she dress? She usually wears just a casual T-Shirt and jeans. Her shoes are bloodstones, scratched and battered, the covering peeling.
Habits: She bites her nails when nervous, curls her hair.
Hobbies: Horse riding, axe wielding.
Favourite Sayings: 'Don't cry because it's over...smile because it happened.'
Disabilities: Her touch is poisonous, releasing a fatal amount of lethal toxin into your bloodstream. Therefore she wears gloves.
Greatest flaw: Her touch is poisonous. The Rage is Vengeful and wicked. Don't want to see her eyes. That is when she has bloodlust.
Best quality: She is empathetic and kind. The Rage is cunning and brave.

Elodie 1 is kind, smart, talented. Couldn't hurt a fly. Frankly, she's a bit of a mouse, avoiding danger for the most part. A little lizard couldn't usher her out. Her problem is, she's afraid to hurt someone else. She is paranoid about leaving her gloves behind. They keep hold of the deadly, painful amount of poison that runs through her touch, released into you, making you writhe in convulsions, vomit, hallucinate, and die.

Elodie 2, however, is wicked, full of spite and dastardly deeds. Don't do anything to her family. You'll just end up in your grave. She often gets angry at her own friends. But, hurt them and face pure evil. Oh, and she never wears her gloves ^^ keeps them around her belt.
::..Other Things..::
Favourite Color: Orange/Red
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Animal: Horse
Favourite Foods: Ice cream. Very modern there Big Smile
Favourite World: Erangya...where she lives
Favourite Word: Love
Favourite Song: Urista by Nellora Maine
Favourite Musical Artist / Group: --
Favourite Musical Genre(s): Pop


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Re: Elodie Winter

Post  LordTomyh on Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:32 pm

Also nice to meet you, have you gone to the Entance & Exit thread and interoduce yourself please.


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