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escape from the...

Post  The Skooglie on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:54 pm

i awoke to hear the roaring sound, i didnt know why i hadn't awoken before then but i didnt understand what was happening. i realised my arms were stiff and so i tried to move them only to find them immobile, what the hell i was thinking, so i tried to move my legs and found the same result. only then did i realise i could move my head and i was blinking but i wasnt seeing anything. they must be covering my eyes with a bag or something. then the memories and thoughts hit me of what had happened.
i was asleep in my bed in my room. it was a normal night with my night light on and my room messy, my t.v still on but with the sound turned off. when something woke me up,i didnt think of anything and tried to go back to sleep as my groggy mind refused to think anything up. but the banging that robbed me of my sleep grew louder and i suddenly heard shouts, i got out of bed and ran to the door, i opened it only a little bit but enough to be able to see down to the ground floor and to see the door, dad was wrestling with someone, when he suddenly stopped moving and then mom started screeming. i closed my door again and a gun started firing i slid back against the door and started to cry i didnt know why but i heard yelling and foot steps on the stairs. i quickly ran over and hid under my bed i didnt expect the door to suddenly be shredded by a blizzard of gun fire and them then tearing into my bed. when he stopped he walked over pulled me out from under the bed and then i woke up in the dark.
so i tried something i yelled out "what the hell is going on!" i heard something move to my right and felt the wind rush from my lungs as something hit me in the stomach. i couldnt breathe and i couldnt move and i couldnt see i started to panick when i felt a pain in my kneck and everything faded from my mind.

this is the start of the story try to give a bit of a background and how you end up in the maze

Sincerely Skooglie
The Skooglie

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