poem of the dead

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poem of the dead

Post  killer8529 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:12 am

this poem was given to me to repeat as much as I could

the is my story of pain
not of love and not of rain
today my life will end by the hands of anouther
today my story will finally finish
the days gone bye the days I have lost and do not rember fondly
remember my name rember my voice
and never forget the thing you lost
in times of need I once came
in times of hope that was lost I made some
my story of pain
story of sorrow never should be repeated
a wise man once said to stay suborn is to die
and now I fully understand in death of life itself
goodbye old friend and I will see you again
in death or love I will always be a part of you

bad I know but a man must keep his promis no Matter what

i am a story teller
i am a monster
i am the fire
i am the flame
i sit in the dark
i sit in the night
but every were i walk
i see the naught but death

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