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Herandae [WIP]

Post  LordTomyh on Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:54 am

World: Herandae
Role play: Wizards of the World
RP sign-up: Sign-up

The land of Herandae, home to the nations of Argentyrll and Rohldan. It is a wild mystical land full of many strange and dangerous things. A land of magic and mystery, penned in by the mountains to the north, a endless desert to the east and the sea to the south.

The Plains and grass-plains - Most of the land is rolling plains, hills and fertile farmland. The Majority of the cities are found in this large region.
The Eastern Desert - A large endless expanse of sand, sandstone and death. No one has ever ventured into the desert and returned, and no one knows how far it extends, not even sailors dare near it.
The Silver mist hills - The large range of mountains and rocky hills to the northwest, rich in silver and other metals. It borders the wastelands to the north, forming a natural wall for the people of Argentryll.
The border woods - The area of forest stretching from the dragon spine mountain in the northeast to the edge of the silver mist hills to the north west. Forms the border of Argentryll and divides the outside world from the dark 'Emerald forest'.
The north-wall mountains - Home to many dark and dangerous creatures and demons they form the northern boundary of the land, bordering the wasteland and the plains. The three mountain ranges are Dragons spine (northeast), Tyrll's wall (north) and the moonstone mountains (northwest)
The Emerald Forest - A dark and dangerous wood that no one has ever ventured into and returned alive.
The isle Mag'hai - The island southwest of Argentryll is mage city of the same name, where the council of wizard sentinels watch over the ebb and flow of magic and the world.
The Wasteland - The grey barren expanse beyond the mountains. No one knows what lies out there. Death comes to all who enter.

The larger of the two nations and the more prosperous, stretching from the Rohldan river in the east and the border woods to the north to the sea. The government is a democratic monarchy with free right of speech and thought. Magic in all forms are practiced here and the military is made from both wizards and non-wizards.
Most of the towns are farming communities, with several fishing towns, quarries to the northwest and logging and wood works in the north.
Tyrll - The capital city and one of the largest, with grand moonstone buildings. Home to the royal parliament building, the grand military academy and the wizard library, as well as the capital buildings of every guild in the nation.

The smaller of the two nations, stretching from the Eastern desert to the Rohldan river. The government is a strict monarchy with little freedoms and rights for the people. Magic is heavily restricted to the government, military and secret police. Most of the towns are hovels or small farming communities with little mining, fishing or logging towns.
Rohldan city - The capital city. A storm blown, cold grey city with little or no parks. The Rohldan castle and royal barracks are found here, made from dark sinister obsidian rock. The hall of justice, base of the secret police is found on the outskirts.

I hope this makes sense. Also to give you a scale of the land, it takes three days on horseback to go from Cross town to King's crossing.


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