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Post  Damxge on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:23 am

Hey guys, there's been a little changeup in the interest checks department, so I suggest reading this all the way through.

We've been using the same forum for all of our sign ups for our RPs, right? Well, I've added on an interest check forum for each of the difficulties of RPG category. When you want to start an intermediate RP, go to the intermediate interest checks forum and post your signup thread. Do the same for expert and beginner.
The new forums can be found:
-Beginner RP
-Intermediate RP
-Expert RP

The old interest checks forum will be renamed to General Interest Checks. This will be used to see if anyone is interested in an RP, before you make a sign up. Here, you can make changes to starting story, take suggestions, and hammer out the details before posting the signup.

So happy RPing to everyone.
Mike (Cross)


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