Snippits of my short stories

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Snippits of my short stories

Post  Agrapeinthesun on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:32 pm


Walking past the graves with dead flowers as I replaced the flowers, I still wondered why i was picked as next to be the mast roy the graveyard. I hated dead things, boredom and tears yet I was a coroner. I was only 14 yet I had to own a graveyard and be a coroner. Surely it couldn't be that boring.

"Here lies Sarah Kingston. 1994-2009. She was more innocent than she seemed." I read my eyes dwelling with tears, the suddenly I grew a wide smirk. "She sire was but I wasn't" I said softly chuckling like a madman.

If I seem to be a demon, or a deity, then just for a while let's acknowledge me as such. Even though, I know just like you my blood still flows and I can feel your touch.
Smiles from before are present never more and your innocence has corrupted to the core, and if I'm to blame, for starting up this game then I ask you do the same.

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